RESULTS Kickboxing Talents #26, The Hague, The Netherlands, Saturday 03.12.2016


Kickboxing Talents #26, The Hague, The Netherlands, Saturday 03.12.2016

  1. 3X3 Tournament  -67Kg

Lofogo Sarour (South Sudan) Vs Tarik Lyachat (Morocco)

WINNER: Lofogo Sarour (South Sudan) Points


  1. 3X3 Tournament  -67Kg

Samir Lopes (Cape Verde) Vs Tony Jas (The Netherlands)

WINNER: Samir Lopes (Cape Verde) Disqualification to Tony Jas (The Netherlands) Rd 3



  1. 3X3 Tournament  -67Kg

Wail Karroumi (Morocco) Vs Juan Javier Barragan (Spain)

WINNER: Wail Karroumi (Morocco) Rd 1 TKO


  1.   3X3 Tournament  -67Kg

Walid Hamid (Morocco) Vs Richaymond Lopez (The Netherlands)

WINNER: Walid Hamid (Morocco) Rd 2 TKO



  1.   3X3 -63Kg

Reda Narain (Surinam)  Vs   Mohammed Dadda (Morocco)

WINNER: Reda Narain (Surinam) Points



  1. 3X3 -63KG

Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco) Vs Damencio Patty (Netherlands)

WINNER: Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco) Rd 1 KO



  1.  3X3 -70KG

Jassem Al Djilawi (Egypt) Vs Romano Bakboord (The Netherlands)

WINNER: Romano Bakboord (The Netherlands) Rd 2 TKO

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