RESULTS Enfusion Live #34 Groningen


RESULTS Enfusion Live #34 Groningen, The Netherlands Saturday 21.11.2015
1. 3X3 -54Kg
Lorena Klijn (NL) Vs Mellony Geugjes (NL)
WINNER: Lorena Klijn (NL) Points after a 4th round
2. 3X3 -72.5Kg William Diender (NL) Vs Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)
WINNER: Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) Points
3. 3X3 -70Kg
Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco) Vs Andrei Ostrovanu (Romania)
WINNER: Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco) RD 1 KO
4. 3X3 -95Kg Kamran Aminzade (Iran) Vs Mohamed Boubkari (Morocco)
WINNER: Mohamed Boubkari (Morocco) Points
5. 3X3 -95Kg Patrick Veenstra (NL) Vs Fabio Kwasi (NL)
WINNER: Fabio Kwasi (The Netherlands) Points
6.3X3 -80Kg
Artur Kyshenko (Ukraine) Vs Hicham El Gaoui (Morocco)
WINNER: Artur Kyshenko (Ukraine) Points
7. 5X3 ENFUSION WORLD TITLE -67Kg Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs Edye Ruiz (Spain) WINNER: Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Points
FIGHTER OF THE NIGHT: Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)

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