Amine Momine

Profile Form #34 Kickboxing Talents Groningen The Netherlands 03.06.2017 Amine Momine
Number of music track chosen: 3
Ringname:  Momine Saiyan (Momien Sejan)
Age:  20
Flag: Morocco
Weight in kg:  Heavyweight
Height in cm:  193
Management:  Team Aussie
Civil status:  Single
Hobbies:  Eating and watching Anime
Profession:  Kickboxing
Inspiration: Badr Hari, Tyrone Spong
Special preparations for this Fight:  I always train no matter who the opponent
What do you know of your opponent:  Normal heavyweight fighter
Total Fights:  21
Win:  19
Losses:  1
Draw:  1
KO:  10
Best opponent you won from:  Dimitri Schäfer from Germany

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