67 kg Sheena Widdershoven

Sheena Widdershoven

Ringname:   Masheena

Entrance music: remix

Date of birth: 03.06.1990

Flag:   The Netherlands

Weight in kg:   65

Height in cm:   1.76

Management:   Enfusion

Civil status: Single

Hobby’s:           Kickboxing, shopping

Profession: Social worker for the youth

Inspiration:   Germaine De Randamie, Julie Kitchen, Denise Kielholtz

Special preparations for this tournament: New strength training program, sparring and pads as normal

What do you know of your opponents: I have watched them on youtube. Shana Lammers and I fought in the c-class

Total Fights: 24

Win:               20

Lose:             4

Draw:              0

KO:                   6

Title: -67Kg Enfusion World Champion, 3 x semi pro Champion ICBO, WKN, WBU

Best opponent you won from:     Giz Elaazri from Germany


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