Kickboxing Talents #39 Ludwigsburg, Germany

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-01 om 18.30.03
Map Unavailable

Date(s) - 07/10/2017
All Day


Schermafbeelding 2017-10-01 om 18.30.03


  1. 3X3 -72.5Kg


Cihad Akipa  (Germany) (own music)     Vs       Artur Scherer (Kazachstan)






  1. 3X3 -85Kg

Juri De Sousa (Portugal) (11)   Vs            Artur Gorlov (Latvia) (17)





  1. 3X3 -75Kg


Hassan Brandt (Germany) (20) Vs Kevin Botz (Germany) (3)




  1. 3X3 Heavyweight


André Schmeling (Germany) (5)  Vs Rinor Latifaj (Albania) (23)




  1. 3X3 -70Kg


Leo Bönniger (Germany) (6) Vs Tim Müller (Germany) (8)




  1. 3X3 -63Kg


Yuri Gentile (Italy) (19) Vs Alexander Epp (Germany) (9)





  1. 3X3 -80Kg


Sergej Braun (Germany) (21) Vs Ramon Kübler (Germany) (2)


RESULTS Enfusion Talents #39, Ludwigsburg Germany 07.10.2017


3X3                                                                  -72.5Kg

Cihad Akipa (Germany)     Vs       Artur Scherer (Kazachstan)

WINNER: Cihad Akipa (Germany) After a 4th RD



3X3                                                                  -85Kg

Juri De Sousa (Portugal)  Vs         Artur Gorlov (Latvia)

WINNER: Artur Gorlov (Latvia) Points


3X3                                                                  -75Kg

Hassan Brandt (Germany) Vs Kevin Botz (Germany)

WINNER: Hassan Brandt (Germany) Rd 1 KO


3X3                                                                  Heavyweight

André Schmeling (Germany) Vs Rinor Latifaj (Albania)

WINNER: André Schmeling (Germany) Points


3X3                                                                  -70Kg

Leo Bönniger (Germany) Vs Tim Müller (Germany)

WINNER: Leo Bönniger (Germany) Points



3X3                                                                  -63Kg

Yuri Gentile (Italy) Vs Alexander Epp (Germany)

WINNER: Alexander Epp (Germany) Points


3X3                                                                  -80Kg

Sergej Braun (Germany) Vs Ramon Kübler (Germany)

WINNER: Sergej Braun (Germany) Points


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