Kickboxing Talents #32 Zilina Slovakia

Map Unavailable

Date(s) - 06/05/2017
All Day


Kickboxing Talents #32 Zilina Slovakia 6.5.2017

Local start Time 19.00

1.3X3 72.5Kg


Tomáš Pecko (Slovakia)   Vs       Leonard Grutka (Slovakia)

image12.3X3 95Kg

Ivan Bartek (Slovakia)        Vs       Cyril Pohl (Czech Republic)

3.3X3 78Kg


Andrej Šimkulič (Slovakia)            Vs       Jan Mazur (Slovakia)

4.3X3 80Kg

Vitovec Ehrenhofer

Markus Ehrenhofer (Austria)   Vs       Daniel Vitovec (Czech Republic)

5.3X3 76Kg

image4Michal Helbich (Slovakia)             Vs       Ondrej Marvan (Czech Republic)

6.3X3 72.5Kg


Stefan Meszaros (Slovakia)          Vs       Adil Osmani (Albania)

RESULTS Kickboxing Talents #32 Zilina Slovakia, Saturday 06.05.2017


  1. 3X3 -72.5Kg

Tomáš Pecko (Slovakia) Vs Leonard Grutka (Slovakia)

WINNER: Leonard Grutka (Slovakia) Rd 2 KO


2.3X3                                                 -95Kg

Ivan Bartek (Slovakia) Vs Cyril Pohl (Czech Republic)

WINNER: Ivan Bartek (Slovakia) Points



3.3X3                                                 -80Kg

Andrej Šimkulič (Slovakia) Vs Jan Mazur (Slovakia)

WINNER: Andrej Šimkulič (Slovakia) Points



  1. 3X3 -80Kg    

Markus Ehrenhofer (Austria) Vs Daniel Vitovec (Czech Republic)

WINNER: Daniel Vitovec (Czech Republic) Points



  1. 3X3 -75Kg

Michal Helbich (Slovakia) Vs Ondřej Marvan (Czech Republic)

WINNER: Michal Helbich (Slovakia) Points



6.3X3                                                 -72.5Kg

Štefan Mészáros (Slovakia) Vs Adil Osmani (Albania)

WINNER: Štefan Mészáros (Slovakia) Rd 1 KO

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