#8 London, England

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Date(s) - 12/10/2013
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#8 London, England 12.10.2013

Luke Whelan ( England ) vs Kevin Miruka ( Kenya ) 70 kg

Daniel Terry ( England ) vs Lesly Risa ( Chile ) 63 kg

Lasher Kurun ( Germany ) vs Rustam Guseinov ( Russia ) 100kg

Iman Barlow ( England ) vs Filipa Correia ( Portugal ) 54 kg

Adam Shrek Hart ( England ) vs Kay Bult (The Netherlands ) 95 kg

Greg Wooton ( England ) vs Pietje Doorjé ( Surinam) Enfusion world title 63 kg

Enfusion Live Report

Ring Masters Arena, London, England. 12th October 2013

by Peter Lowe Enfusion’s MC


The 63kg Max Enfusion World Title belt now belongs to England’s Greg Wooton after dominating Surinam’s tough, Piete Doorjé over 5 rounds. Greg Set the pace in the first round landing crisp low and body kicks before showing his strength in the clinch. The second saw the Englishman display his full arsenal of talents as he landed knees, kicks and punches on his marauding opponent. Unbelievably Wooton raised the pace even higher in the third in an attempt to completely extinguish Dorje’s fighting fire. Bravely however Dorje hung in there for two more punishing rounds. With Wooton continuing the good work in the fourth and fifth rounds especially in the clinch, it was no surprise when his hand was raised as he was announced as a point’s decision winner and new Enfusion 63kg Boss.


Popular Londoner Adam Hart (England) scored a stunning knock out over Holland’s Kay Bult at 1.20 of the second round. The bout had a quiet start as each man cautiously looked for openings, but it would be Hart who would find the target first as he landed with a huge straight left hand that separated Bult from his senses and almost knocked him out of the ring.


Iman Barlow (England) looked to be back at her dynamic best, earning a unanimous point’s decision win against Portugal’s Filipa Correira.

Looking far sharper than on her previous Enfusion outing Iman claimed centre ring and took control of the action with her high and accurate work rate from the get go. Correira pressed forward through out the contest but Barlow seemed to have the last word in every exchange whether it be with a punch, kick or throw. After enduring a teep kick to the face and a jumping knee at the end of the second round, the Portuguese visitor looked decidedly less keen on initiating the exchanges in the third session. Listening to her corner Barlow threw and landed the majority of and 11 kick combination. A further 4 body kicks and a head kick late in the round forced the ref to jump in and issue a standing count.

All in all an impressive display of striking by the “Pretty Killer”.


Russia’s Rustem Gusienov scored an impressive KO victory and walked away with the Enfusion Fighter of the night cheque against Germany’s Lasher Kurun.

Starting fast Kurun initiated the conflict in round one. Walking on to a counter left hook early in the first seemed to shake the German but the defensive lesson was not learnt as he walked onto another counter punch later in the round that would have had him on the canvas had it not been for the ropes. Even the receipt of a count from the referee was not enough to make the German consider anything other than coming forward. Kuran continued his forward movement in the second round, continually cornering the Russian whereupon Gusienov would lash out with a combination and spin out of trouble. This pattern looked set to continue in the third but with Guseinov once again trapped in the corner he lashed out with a blindingly fast three punch combination that put the German down and out for the count after just 12 seconds of the third round.


England’s Daniel Terry did very little wrong in an excellent display of “hit and not get hit” striking to earn a clear unanimous points decision victory over Chile’s Lesley Risa.

Terry started fast, drawing some ohh’s and ahh’s from the crowd with some sharp kick and punch combinations. Halfway through the opener, the Englishman landed a left kick to the head that dropped and badly hurt the visitor. Showing tremendous courage Risa arose and fought back bravely, doing well to make it back to the corner at the end of the round. It was much of the same in the second as Terry easily evaded the Chileans onslaughts, slipping each attack and responding with well timed kicks and punches clearly winning the round. Probably sensing he needed a knockout to win, Risa started fast in the final stanza, and even landed a few straight punches but it was the Englishman that finished the round strongly putting an exclamation mark on an already impressive performance.


England’s Pete Irving earned a unanimous decision points victory over Spain’s Imanol Rodrigues.Irving played the part of hunter in this bout, scoring with low kicks and knees and forcing Rodrigues onto the back foot where he was made to perform throughout the duration of the contest. The Spaniard worked hard in the second and kept the round competitive but Pete’s solid punches and excellent throws kept him in the driving seat.Irving made it clear that he had dealt with pace better in the third and despite some spirited exchanges it was obvious that the Englishman had done more than enough to win.


The Fighting Rookies –  The Beginning of a Legend


Leigh Hendley (England) forced the corner of German Timo Seyffer to retire their man at the end of the second round. Seyffer had been on the wrong end of some nasty looking low kicks throughout the contest.


England’s Grace Spicer outworked and out hustled Holland’s Lami Dhani to earn a clear unanimous decision points win.


Jake Crawford (England) continued his run of first round stoppages on our Rookies show by halting England’s Ben Roberts after 1.57 of the opening session. Crawford dropped Roberts with low kicks three times before referee Shawn Boland waved the fight over.


Evan Jays (England) continued to look like a future star winning every round comfortably, en-route to a unanimous decision points win against tough Dutch junior Oussama Addi.


England’s James Gridley flattened Germany’s Thomas Stoll with a big left hook bringing an end to the contest after 58 seconds of the 2nd round.


Rob Hayward snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in an all English derby. Sam Nicholls was left in no position to continue in the 2nd round after taking a knee to the body that literally sickened theLuton based fighter.


England’s Roland Ogun ground out a unanimous points decision win over Germany’s Rainer Deutsch.

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