Kickboxing Talents #6 Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Date(s) - 07/02/2015
All Day


Kickboxing Talents 5 Eindhoven The Netherlands 07.02.2015

Local Time Start 18.00

1.         3X3     Heavyweight

Alberto Dos Passos (Curacao)      Vs       Nico Pereira Horta (Cape Verde)           

2.         3X3     -67Kg

Jaimy Duijmelinck (The Netherlands)   Vs       Issam Laazibi (Morocco)

 3.         3X3     Heavyweight

Ralph Blewanus (The Netherlands)    Vs     Gordon Haupt (Germany)  

 4.         3X3     -60Kg

Tommy Dieckmann (The Netherlands) Vs  Ilias Ennahachi (Morocco)

           5.         3X3     -70Kg

Edson Fortes (Cape Verde)    Vs Bilal Kasrioui (Morocco)

 6.         3X3     Heavyweight

Fikri Ameziane (Morocco)  Vs       Shkelqim Ademai (Germany)

 7.         3X3     -63Kg

Rafik Kassi (Morocco)             Vs       Ali Zoubai (The Netherlands)