Enfusion Live #51 Halifax, Canada

Enfusion Canada
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Date(s) - 08/07/2017
All Day



Start 21.00 local time (00.00 GMT) / Finish 23.32 local time (02.32 GMT)



RED                                                                 BLUE

  1. 3X3                                                                   HEAVYWEIGHTJp Shortall (Canada) (9) Vs Stephen Whitall (Canada) (8) 

Jp Shortall (Canada) (9) Vs Stephen Whitall (Canada) (8)


  1.   3X3                                                                   -85KG


Mark MacKinnon (Canada) (2) Vs Joey George (Canada) (3)

Mark MacKinnon (Canada) (2)  Vs Joey George (Canada) (3)


  1.   3X3                                                                   -70Kg

Chris McMillan (Canada) (4) Vs Kyle Nelson (Canada)

Chris McMillan (Canada) (4) Vs Kyle Nelson (Canada) (5)


  1.   3X3                                                                   -60Kg

Phanomsack Bounpaseth (Laos) (1 )Vs Binaebi Otoru

Phanomsack Bounpaseth (Laos) (1 )Vs Binaebi Otoru (Nigeria) (9)

  1.   3X3                                                                   -67Kg  3X3                                                                   -80Kg

Thomas Dalziel (Canada) (8) Vs Ariel Abreu (Dominican Republic

Thomas Dalziel (Canada) (8Vs Ariel Abreu (Dominican Republic) (11)

6.  5X2       ENFUSION WORLD TITLE                  -54Kg FEMALE

Iman Barlow (England) (4)Vs Ashley Nichols (Canada)

Iman Barlow (England) (4)Vs Ashley Nichols (Canada) (9)




Show Venue Address:       The Forum Halifax, Windsor St, Halifax, NS B3K 5E5


Hotel for fighters:     Atllantica Hotel Halifax, 1980 Robie St, Halifax, NS , B3H3G5


Address:        Halifax, 1980 Robie St, Halifax, NS , B3H3G5


Time the venue opens:                              18.00 local time



Time of the 1st fight start:               18.45 local time



Time Kickboxing Talents start:      18.45 Local Time (21.45 GMT)

Estimated Finish 20.48 (23.48 GMT)



Time Enfusion live starts:              21.00 Local Time (00.00 GMT) 

Estimated finish 23.12 (02.13 GMT)


RESULTS Enfusion Live #51, Halifax, Canada

Saturday 8.07.2017


Start 21.00 local time (00.00 GMT)



Jp Shortall (Canada) Vs Stephen Whitall (Canada)

RESULT: Stephen Whitall (Canada) Points


  1. 3X3 -85Kg

Mark MacKinnon (Canada) Vs Joey George (Canada)

RESULT: Joey George (Canada) KO Rd 3


3X3                                                                  -70Kg

Chris McMillan (Canada) Vs Kyle Nelson (Canada)

RESULT: Chris McMillan (Canada) TKO Rd 3



  1. 3X3 -60Kg

Phanomsack Bounpaseth (Laos) Vs Binaebi Otoru (Nigeria)

RESULT: Phanomsack Bounpaseth (Laos) Points



  1. 3X3             -80Kg

Thomas Dalziel (Canada) Vs Ariel Abreu (Dominican Republic)

RESULT: Ariel Abreu (Dominican Republic) Points




Iman Barlow (England) Vs Ashley Nichols (Canada)

RESULT: Iman Barlow (England) Points



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