#4 Novo Mesto, Slovenia

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Date(s) - 13/04/2013
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#4 Novo Mesto, Slovenia 13.04.2013

no. 1 . -75kg 
Zavec Aleš ( Slovenia) vs Stevan Zivkovic (Serbia)

no.2 .- 67kg 
Samo Petje ( Slovenia) vs  RungSiam SuperPro Samui( Thai fighter)

no.3.- 85kg 
Tadej Toplak ( Slovenia) vs Jaroslaw Zawodni ( Poland)

no .4. Tittle fight female – 57kg
Ilona Wijmans ( The Netherlands) vs Nevenka Mikulic ( Croatia ) 

no 5.-95kg
Jasmin Becirevic ( Slovenia) vs Maxim Osiptsow ( Russia)

no. 6. -70kg
Mirko Vorkapic ( Slovenia) vs Longhern (Thai)

Enfusion live Novo Mesto, Slovenia, April 13th 2013 Report by Peter Lowe MC

Serbia’s Stevan Zivkovic earned himself a clear unanimous point’s decision win over Slovenia’s Ales Zavec. Zivkovich controlled the pace early on, picking and landing solid, single shots. After being caught by two decent punches late in round 1 the Serbian stepped up a gear and sustained an attack that would put Zavec down for an 8 count. Stevan continued to dictate the pace through out the 2nd and 3rd rounds, showing just why he had been the winner in 88 previous contests, to gain the judges approval for the 89th time.

Samo Petji (Slovenia) picked up The Enfusion Live fighter of the night cheque, with an impressive 1st round knockout win over Thailand’s Rungsiam Super Pro Samui. Looking dangerous early with some hard counters, Petje then landed a huge left right punch combination that put the Thai flat on his back and out for the ten count. The end came at 1 minute 40 seconds of the 1st round.

Slovenian Tadej Toplac returned to winning ways with a majority decision win, in an exciting battle with Polands Jaroslaw Zawodni. Despite being rocked half way through round 1, Toplac looked the stronger of the two. He managed to draw blood from the nose of Zawodni with one of his heavy handed assaults and his effective aggression was enough to win the 1st round. The 2nd was a close affair with the Pole, still bleeding heavily from the nose, making a late rally to bring himself back into contention. The two combatants met each other head on in the final round and it was Toplac who seemed the more tired of the two at the final bell.

Late replacement Ilona Wijmans of Holland became the Ladies 57kg Enfusion World Champion with a majority decision points win over Croatia’s Nevenka Mikulic. Mikulic stayed on the outside for the majority of the contest, staying on her toes and adopting “hit and run” raid tactics whilst trying to stay out of range. The powerful Wijmans, in contrast, played the part of bull to Mikulic’s matador. On this occasion the bull would be victorious. Continually marching forward and cutting off the ring Ilona entered the 5th and final round well ahead on points. Needing a Knockout to win Nevenka tried to hold her ground but Wijmans would not be denied and drove her adversary back once again with a solid punches and head kicks.  The Dutch champ improves to 34 win 4 losses and 1 draw.

Jasmin Becirovic (Slovenia) had to go for broke to pick up a unanimous decision points win over tough Russian battler Maxim Osiptsov. Jasmin showed his quality early with a sweep and some solid low kicks but it was the right hand that appeared to be the weapon of choice for the Slovenian. Early in round 2 a well timed front kick to the face forced Becirovic to take an 8 count. Despite following up with some solid knee’s Maxim was unable to put his man away. Midway through the 3rd another Becirovic right hand found its home on Osiptsov’s chin and dumped him on the canvas. The Russian made it to his feet but it was not long until the next Becirovic right hand had referee Joop Ubeda issuing a standing count. The Russian fought back bravely on shaky legs but it would be the Slovenian whose hand would be raised after the final bell.

Home favourite Mirko Vorkapic (Slovenia) earned a unanimous point’s decision win over Thailand’s Longhern Super Pro Samui. The Thai looked relaxed and fought with his hands low in the 1st round, but was soon made to pay for this by the fast fists of Vorkapic, who drilled home a combination that would have had his man on the deck had it not been for the ropes. The chess match continued in the 2nd, Mirko’s accuracy and solid punching probably making the difference.  Although Longhern always looked dangerous with his kicks and did a good job of smothering Mirko’s work, he seemed to be the one coming off worse in the exchanges throughout the 3rd. The affable Slovenian picked up his 49th win.

Other results

Borut Turk (Slovenia) beat Kristian Zecevic  (Austria) Unanimous point’s decision.

Urban Jakse (Slovenia) beat Zelko Sobich (Serbia) Unanimous point’s decision.

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