#31 Malaga, Spain

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Date(s) - 19/09/2015
All Day



                                #31 Malaga, Spain 


Enfusion Live #31 Malaga, Spain Saturday 19.9.2015

1. 3X3     -70Kg Tournament semi Final

Adam Martins (Spain)   Vs  Philippe Salmon (France)

43F 29W 12L 2D 12 KO  VS  81F 61W 20L 0D 35KO

2. 3X3     -70Kg Tournament semi Final

Christopher Mena  (Colombia) Vs Beau Superpro Samui  (Thailand) 

51F 42W 9L 0D 12KO VS 112F 75W 35L 2D 45KO

3. 3X3     -80Kg

Ruben Lee (Spain) Vs Gil Silva (Portugal)

54F 40W 13L 1D 12KO VS 72F 50W 21L 1D 18KO

4. 3X3     -57Kg

Victoria Lomax (England) Vs  Estela Garcia (Spain)

17F 7W 5L 5D 2KO VS 26F 18W 8L 0D 4KO

5.  3X3     -60Kg

Nicolás Gaffie (Spain)  Vs Wadii kadiri (Morroco) 

25F 19W 3L 3D 4KO Vs 12F 8W 2L 2D 2KO

6. 3X3     70-Kg Tournament Final

Winner fight 1  Vs  Winner Fight 2

7. 5X3     -72.5Kg Enfusion World Title

Fran Palenzuela (Spain) Vs Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) 

46F 36W 9L 1D 9KO Vs 77F 68W 6L 3D 20KO

Enfusion World Title – 72.5Kg


1.3X3 Tournament semi Final -70Kg

Adam Martins (Spain) Vs Philippe Salmon (France)

Philippe Salmon wins by decision after an extra round


2.3X3 Tournament semi Final -70 Kg 

Christopher Mena (Colombia) Vs Beau Superpro Samui (Thailand)

Christopher Mena wins by decision


3.3X3 -75Kg

Ruben Lee (Spain) Vs Gil Silva (Portugal)

Ruben Lee wins by decision


4.3X3 -57Kg 


Estela Garcia (Spain) Vs Victoria Lomax (England)

Victoria Lomax wins by decision


5.3X3 -60Kg 

Nicolás Gaffie (Spain) Vs Wadii kadiri (Morocco)

Nicolás Gaffie wins after an extra round


6. 3X3 Tournament Final -70Kg

Christopher Mena (Colombia) vs Philippe Salmon (France)

Philippe Salmon (France) wins by decision


7. Fran Palenzuela (Spain) Vs Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)

Tayfun Ozcan becomes our 72.5 KG Champion by KO in round 5

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