#22 Groningen, The Netherlands

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Date(s) - 23/11/2014
All Day


#22 Enfusion Live Groningen, The Netherlands

1.  3X3

Marvin Sansaar  (Surinam)  Vs  Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)    –70 KG

2.  3X3

Tom De Smet (The Netherlands) Vs Daniel Ciric (Serbia)  -85KG

3.  3X3

Alva Remor  (Curacao)  Vs Khalid El Bakouri (Morocco)        -80KG

4. 3X3

Cedric Bacuna  (Curacao)  Vs  Andrei Ostrovanu  (Romania)    -70 KG

5.   5X3

Denise Kielholtz (The Netherlands)  Vs  Tiffany van Soest  (USA)  57KG

 Enfusion World Title -57 KG

6.  5X3

Ardalan Sheikholeslami (Iran) Vs Andy Souwer (The Netherlands)     –70KG


Marvin Sansaar  (Surinam)  Vs  Mohammed Jaraya    –70 KG

Alva Remor  (Curacao)  Vs Khalid El Bakouri (Morocco)        -80KG

Andrei Ostrovanu  (Romania) Vs Cedric Bacuna  (Curacao)    -70 KG

Tom De Smet (The Netherlands) Vs Daniel Ciric (Serbia)  -85KG

Tiffany van Soest  (USA)  57KG Vs Denise Kielholtz (The Netherlands)

 Enfusion World Title -57 KG

6.  5X3

Andy Souwer (The Netherlands)   Vs  Ardalan Sheikholeslami (Iran)  –70KG

Enfusion Live ringside report for Groningen, Holland 23rd November 2014

By Enfusion MC Peter Lowe – “The man in the Know”
Kickboxing superstar Andy Souwer of Holland won by TKO in the 4th round against Iran’s Ardalan Sheikholeslami.
Both fighters showed each other plenty of respect in the early going with Ardalan targeting Souwers legs whilst the Dutch man employed plenty of movement as he took a good look at the offensive capabilities of his opponent.
With Souwers eye catching combinations bagging him the first couple of sessions, Sheikholeslami started the third with aggressive intentions and managed to land a right uppercut after blocking a Souwer body kick. Souwer however blazed back in the second half of the round, putting together a sustained blisteringly quick attack consisting of knee’s punches and low kicks. Ardalan smiled as Souwer moved out of range but the play had been taken away as the home favourite bagged another round.
With the feeling out process over, Souwer moved into top gear in the fourth round and responded to all the Iranians attacks with his own lightening fast combinations. With just under a minute left in the round Andy showed just why he is one of the most feared 70 kilo fighters on the planet as he sustained another fast assault consisting of punches, kicks and a jumping knee to the head that landed and forced Ardalan back to the ropes and sent his gum shield flying out of his mouth to land on my lap. Foolishly Ardalan dropped his hands either to show he wasn’t hurt or to get the gum shield replaced. This error in judgement was mercilessly punished as a thumping left, right hand landed making him sag forward. Four more heavy Souwer punches went in, the final one being another booming right that layed Sheikholeslami face down on the canvas. He somehow managed to get back to his feet but seeing the shaky legs and vacant expression in his eyes the referee rightly waved the contest over.
The end came at 2.40 of the 4th round.
Hollands Denise Kielholtz retained the -57 kg Ladies Enfusion world title with a unanimous points decision win against talented American Tiffany Van Soest.
Both fighters made a patient start with Denise looking for counters and stalking the constantly moving American challenger. Kielholtz got her boxing going in the second round and was able to knock Van Soest over with a well timed push kick and despite shipping a decent punch combination took the round with her cleaner more effective work.  Tiffany had more success in the third, landing a couple of fast kicks and a good knee after defending one of Denise’s trade mark judo throws. The judges had a hard time splitting the pair in the fourth as both fighters struggled to land anything effective in a tit for tat round. With the fight on a knife edge and all to play for Van Soest started to hold her ground more and was able to land a good push kick to the face of the champion. Then, half way through the round, as Tiffany stepped forward a Kielholtz spinning backfist knocked the American to the canvas for an eight count. Unhurt but now clearly behind Van Soest began to press forward but it was too little too late as the bell sounded to end the fight.
Andrei Ostravanu (Romania) won via TKO in the first round against Cedric Bacuna (Curacao).
Bacuna made an aggressive start to the bout as he charged forward with two fisted attacks. The Romanians power was soon highlighted as a left hook spun the Curacao native in a full 360 and sent him into the ropes. A knee to the head followed by a string of head punches soon had Cedric on wobbly legs and a follow up right hand put him down for an eight count. Both men traded wildly on the ropes as the Romanian looked for an early finish. A left right combination followed by a knee to the head from Ostravanu was enough to end the bout leaving Bacuna prostrate on the deck. The referee, seeing Cedrics distress, rightly dispensed with the count and waved the contest over after 2.30 of the first round.
Khalid El Bakouri of Morocco won via a unanimous points decision against Alva Remor (Curacao).
Khalid took the first round with his high work rate and better variety and dominated the first half of the second round with his swarming style. Remor however threatened to take over in the second half of the round and did enough to keep things competitive.  El Bakouri applied plenty of pressure in the final session and despite looking tired, toward the end of the round, continued to pump out combinations. Remor was always in the bout and made things interesting but didn’t quite do enough to take any of the rounds.
Hollands Tom De Smet picked up the Enfusion fighter of the night cheque with first round TKO win over Serbia’s Daniel Ciric.
Ciric stormed forward at the start of the round only to walk onto a string of big shots from the Dutch “Ice Man”. A right uppercut and left hook sent the game Serbian to the canvas to receive an eight count. De Smet moved in for the finish and a push kick followed by a volley of hard punches, that all seemed to land, forced Ciric’s corner to throw in the towel as the referee waved the contest over.  The end came after just 56 seconds of the first round.
Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco) won via KO in the second round against Surinam’s Marvin Sansaar.
The talented Moroccan showed he meant business in the opening session, throwing some hard kicks and landing some thumping left hooks to the head of Sansaar. Jaraya unloaded fast combinations whenever in range and showed a good defense whenever Marvin tried to respond with his own attacks. The man from Surinam tightened up his own defense in the second but was unable to stop a jumping knee from Jaraya that crashed through his guard. A follow up right hand dumped Sansaar on the canvas to be counted out by the referee at 1.15 of the second round.