#20 Mallorca, Spain

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Date(s) - 12/07/2014
All Day


#20 Mallorca, Spain 12.07.2014


1. 3X3

Ruben Barnabe (Spain)  Vs Thomas Alisier (France)  90 Kg

 2.  3X3

Antonio Gomez  (Spain)  Vs  Ricardo  Luiz  (Portugal)  70 Kg

 3.  3X3  

 Kike Bonnin  (Spain)  Vs  Olli Koch ( Germany ) 75 Kg

 4.  3X3

 Christian Brorhilker  (Germany)  Vs  Wendell Roche  (Holland)  90 Kg

 5.  5X3

 Iman Ghablou  (Morocco)  Vs Iman Barlow  (England)  54 Kg / Female Enfusion World Title

 6.  3X3

Damian Garcia  (Spain)   Vs  Loren Jorge  (Spain)  95 Kg

 Ruben Barnabe (Spain)  Vs Thomas Alisier (France)  90 Kg

Antonio Gomez  (Spain)  Vs  Ricardo  Luiz  (Portugal)  70 Kg

 Kike Bonnin  (Spain)  Vs  Olli Koch ( Germany ) 75 Kg

Christian Brorhilker  (Germany)  Vs  Wendell Roche  (Holland)  90 Kg

 Iman Ghablou  (Morocco)  Vs Iman Barlow  (England)  54 Kg / Female Enfusion World Title

Damian Garcia  (Spain)   Vs  Loren Jorge  (Spain)  95 Kg

Results from #20 Enfusion Live, Mallorca 12.7.2014

Ruben Barnabe (Spain) Vs Thomas Alisier (France) 90Kg
Winner -Thomas Alisier (France) KO 2nd round
Antonio Gomez (Spain) Vs Ricardo Luiz (Portugal) 70Kg
Winner – Antonio Gomez (Spain) KO !st round
Kike Bonnin (Spain) Vs Olli Koch ( Germany ) 75 Kg
Winner- Kike Bonnin (Spain) Points
Christian Brorhilker (Germany) Vs Wendell Roche (Holland) 90Kg Winner Wendell Roche (The Netherlands) TKO 2nd Round
Iman Ghablou (Morocco) Vs Iman Barlow (England) 54Kg
Winner Iman Barlow (England) Points
Female Enfusion World Title
Damian Garcia (Spain) Vs Loren Jorge (Spain) 95Kg
Winner Loren Jorge (Spain) Points

Enfusion Live report for 12th July 2014 Mallorca, Spain.

By Peter Lowe “The man in the know”

Jorge Loren (Spain) won via unanimous decision against Damien Garcia (Spain).

The chiseled Garcia stormed out of his corner throwing punches only to be caught with a counter left that shook him to his boots early on in round one. Whenever the tough Garcia tried to push forward he would find himself on the wrong end of accurate and solid kicks and punches from the well balanced Jorge.

In round two Garcia recovered well to again make a fast start but the clever work was all being done by Loren as he repeatedly slipped jabs and landed heavy right hand counters to the head and consistent kicks to the body.

Bleeding heavily from the nose Damian was still trying to turn things around in the third and had some success with single shots. Loren however found his rhythm again and continued to land the variety of strikes. A left hook followed by a countering right hook to the chin sent Garcia hurtling face first to the canvas just as the final bell was struck. Credit to the home favourite for being able to beat the count and make it to a unanimous points defeat.

England’s Iman Barlow gave British sports fans something to cheer about as she retained the Ladies 54kg Enfusion world title with a unanimous points decision win over Morocco’s Iman Ghablou.

Barlow established a stiff jab early in the first and was quick to find her distance and timing as she landed with a variety of kicks throughout the round. Barlow continued the body assault in the second round targeting the right side with knees and kicks and also showing some new tricks as she scored with a couple of judo style hip throws.

The master class continued in the third and fourth rounds with Barlow landing a variety of disguised attacks including a lovely teep to the face and some sickening, now signature, “pretty killer” body kicks.

The very game Ghablou mustered all her will to put on a big finish in the final round. The Moroccan came out throwing fast and hard bursts of punches, a couple of which got through but the English starlet regained control once more to dominate the clinch and land with yet more sickening kicks both high and low right until the final bell.

Holland’s Wendell Roche returned to wining ways with a 2nd round TKO victory over German Christian Brorhilker.

Brorhilker started fast but the hugely experienced Roche weathered the storm and came back throwing heavy hooks and low kicks with both legs. Continually pushing him back and repeating the process Roche landed yet another kick to the already bruised left leg of the German sending him to the canvas to receive a count. Up at eight Brorhilker received a minutes respite as the bell tolled to end the round. Wendell however was not about to let his man off the hook and dropped the German so many times with low kicks that the referee stopped bothering to give counts (or so it seemed to me). The contest was finally waved off with the brave Brorhilker clearly unable to continue after 1.37 of the second round.

Spain’s Kike Bonnin earned a unanimous point’s decision win over Germany’s Olli Koch.

Koch made the fight interesting from the start, marching forward, the German sought to close the distance and unload bursts of hard power punches to the head and slender body of the Spaniard. Bonnin however took both rounds one and two on the judge’s

scorecard with his effective knees and body kicks and his ability to evade or block the majority of thrown punches. The crowd were treated to an action packed third round as Olli continued punching freely with both hands when up close and Kike struggled to maintain a distance with knees up the middle and straight shots. Bonnin was able to hang on until the final bell despite some hairy moments to snatch a narrow points victory.

Spain’s Antonio Gomez won the Enfusion Live fighter of the night cheque with a 2nd round TKO victory over Portugal’s Ricardo Luiz.

An aggressive start from the Spaniard put a nervous looking Luiz onto the back foot as Gomez closed in firing off vicious punch combos head and body followed by low kicks Luiz did his best to keep the pace and respond but in doing so a countering left hook at the end of the round floored him heavily. Up at the count of eight Ricardo made it back to his corner and into the 2nd round, but for how long?! Gomez wasted no time setting about the Portuguese visitor and early in the round another counter left hook lands and again Luiz finds himself on the canvas. Up at eight Gomez bombards Ricardo with a series of hard hooks one of which causes Luiz to stumble forcing the referee to jump in and end the contest after 1.10 of the 2nd round.

Thomas Alisier (France) won via TKO after two completed rounds against Ruben Barnabe (Spain).

Despite the French mans physical advantages the aptly nicknamed “Drago” suffered a broken nose, early on in the contest, after a Barnabe punch combination and bled continuously for the duration of the bout.

Alisier found success with some strong knee strikes in the 2nd round. Sapping the strength of the Spaniard with his heavy rushing attacks, Thomas began to land frequently with punch kick combinations to body and head. Barnabe could be seen shaking his head between rounds and his corner signalled defeat as the bell chimed to start the 3rd.

Spain’s Daniel Puerta won via TKO after 2.18 of the second round against Ukraine’s Roman Skulsky.

Spain’s Jessica Sanchez earned a unanimous point’s decision win over Holland’s Mariela Kruse.

Spain’s Cristofer Opazos earned a split decision points win over Salvador Guerrero (Spain).

Spain’s Kilian Diaz earned a unanimous point’s decision win over Juan Bauza (Spain)

Ukraine’s Roman Skulsky earned a unanimous point’s decision win over Adrian Gandolfi (Uruguay).

Spain’s Daniel Puerta won via TKO after 1.34 of the 2nd round against Elvis Bonnin (Spain)

Bulgaria’s Iker Isulfov earned a unanimous point’s decision win over Spain’s Ruben Delgado.