#18 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Date(s) - 25/05/2014
All Day


#18 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 25.05.2014



Omar Hanafy (EGYPT)                                  Vs         Khalid Chabrani (THE NETHERLANDS) 75Kg


Hamza Essalih (MOROCCO)                       Vs          Maik Redan (THE NETHERLANDS) 60KG


Othman Allach (MOROCCO)                      Vs          Kevin Hessling (THE NETHERLANDS) 75Kg


Mohammed Jaraya (MOROCCO)             Vs          Walid Hamid (MOROCCO) 67Kg


Marcello Adriaansz (SURINAM)               Vs           Gurhan Degirmenci (TURKEY)  Heavyweight

 6.                               ENFUSION WORLD TITLE 61KG

Lindsay Scheer  (USA)                                 Vs            Anke Van Gestel  (BELGIUM) 61Kg

1. Omar Hanafy (EGYPT)        Vs         Khalid Chabrani (THE NETHERLANDS) 75Kg

2. Hamza Essalih (MOROCCO)                       Vs          Maik Redan (THE NETHERLANDS) 60KG

3. Othman Allach (MOROCCO)               Vs          Kevin Hessling (THE NETHERLANDS) 75Kg


4. Walid Hamid (MOROCCO) 67Kg         VS          Mohammed Jaraya (MOROCCO)  

5. Marcello Adriaansz (SURINAM)               Vs       Gurhan Demirmenci (TURKEY)  Heavyweight

 6. Anke Van Gestel  (BELGIUM)       VS           Lindsay Scheer  (USA)                                     

                                   ENFUSION WORLD TITLE 61KG

Enfusion Live Report for Amsterdam, Holland. 25th May 2013.
By Peter Lowe “The man in the know”

Anke Van Gestel of Belgium retained the -61kg Ladies Enfusion world title with a unanimous points decision win over tough American Lindsay Scheer.
Anke started cautiously, circling the ring while using front kicks to the body that kept the American lady at range and off balance. As the round progressed the Belgium Champ added some sharp punches to her combinations to clearly take the round on all the judges’ card. Van Gestel continued to beat Scheer to the punch consistently in the second session, spearing her opponent with straight punches and kicks to body and head as the American rumbled forward with intent. Lindsay had some success with left kicks and the right hand as she tried to claw her way back into the bout in rounds 3 and 4, but the eye catching work, including some nasty knees to the head, were all coming from Anke. With her left eye now badly swollen Scheer showed some real grit to continue to walk through the fire once again in the final session. Sadly for the challenger however she was never able to work out the Belgium lady and seemed out of ideas as to how to turn the bout around. The spiteful champion targeted the swollen eye with over hand rights and left as she finished strongly to successfully defend her title. Anke Van Gestel improves to 30 wins (4 KO’s) 5 losses and 3 draws.

Marcello Adriaansz (Surinam) won via TKO in the 1st round against Turkey’s Gurhan Degirmenci.
Degirmenci attacked from the opening bell, winging in hard hooks to head and body as he drove the tall, lean Adriaansz back to the ropes. The Turk continued his assault virtually unanswered for the first two minutes of the contest and seemed to be on the verge of a stoppage victory, when a knee to the head from Marcello scrambled the senses of Degirmenci forcing referee Ubeda to step in and issue a standing count. Adriaansz moved in for the finish, landing several more knees to the head and a flurry of punches that dumped the stocky Turk on the canvas in the neutral corner. Despite making it back to his feet the ref had seen enough and waved the contest off at the 2.50 mark.

Walid Hamid won via unanimous point’s decision over fellow Moroccan Mohammed Jaraya.
Hamid made his intentions clear from the start as he closed the distance and tried to work from the clinch. Mohammed had some success with the front kick to the body and with his trusted left hook but was unable to keep enough distance between the two to string anything meaningful together. Mean while Walid was picking up points with popping shots and throws. The frustration continued for Jaraya as the teenage Champ landed a low kick only to have it caught and his supporting leg swept from underneath him at the very start of the 2nd session. Hamid was able knock Jaraya off balance with countering body kicks and continued to use his physicality to good effect in the clinch. After being read the riot act by his corner Jaraya looked a different fighter at the start of the final session as he came out firing and landing spiteful hooks and low kicks. Hamid was forced to take a big spinning back fist that would have dropped many men, but the tough Hamid shrugged his shoulders and stayed on his feet and saw out the round. All the judges agreed that Hamid had done enough as his hand was raised at the final bell.

Othman Allach (Morocco) picked up the Enfusion fighter of the night cheque with a first round knockout victory over Holland’s Kevin Hessling.
Allach started aggressively, almost turning Hessling around with a low kick in the first few seconds. Barely a minute had passed when the Moroccan unloaded a straight right hand followed by a picture perfect left hook to the chin that separated the Dutchman from his senses stretching him out heavily on the canvas. The fight was wisely waved off instantly at the 1.40 mark of the first round.

Hamza Essalih of Morocco won via unanimous decision against Holland’s Maik Redan.
The popular Essalih took charge of the bout from the off, throwing Redan to the canvas and troubling him early on with a left hook to the temple. Seemingly able to throw his opponent whenever he fancied the Moroccan kept the fight at close quarters, nullifying any attacks and often landing point scoring knees to the body. Hamza showed his versatility in the 2nd round landing stinging left kicks to head and body as well as some crisp punch combinations. Whenever Redan would respond with his rushing attacks he would invariably find himself on his back from yet another throw.
Halfway through the final stanza Essalih landed a three punch combo that had the Dutchman on shaky legs but there was no quit in Redan as he did his best to fight back and make it to the finish line. Having pretty much dominated from start to finish it was a surprise to no one when the Moroccans hand was raised after the final bell.

Khalid Chabrani (Morocco) won with a devastating KO in the first round against Egypt’s Omar Hanafy.
The writing was on the wall only twenty seconds into the first round as Chabrani landed a four punch combination that dumped the Egyptian on to the canvas for an eight count. Hanafy fought back bravely after beating the count but took a knee to the head and several more head punches for his troubles. Despite the torrid start Hanafy was able to land with some of his own firepower and finished the round strongly. Omar continued to be aggressive in the second round, throwing knee’s kicks and punches at his man only to find it all blocked and parried as he walked onto solid counters from the Moroccan. Chabrani then uncorked a monstrous right hand that landed flush on the chin and had Hanafy unconscious before he had even hit the deck. It was waved off instantly as you could have counted to 100 and the Egyptian wouldn’t have beaten the count. The end came after 55 seconds of the 2nd round.