#17 Zilina, Slovakia

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Date(s) - 26/04/2014
All Day


#17 Enfusion Live Zilina, Slovakia 26.04.2014


Mirko Cingel ( Slovakia ) vs  Andrew Tate  ( USA )

Jiri Zak ( Czech Republic ) vs Rustam Guseinov  ( Russia )

Tomáš Šenkýr ( Slovakia ) vs Yohan Marsan ( France )

Lucia Krajčovič ( Slovakia ) vs Denise Kielholtz ( NL )

Ondrej Hutnik ( Czech Republic ) vs Eduardo Mendes ( Cape Verde )

Tomas Hron ( Czech Republic ) vs Daniel Lentie ( France )

Vladimir Moracvic ( Slovakia )vs Miles Simson ( Surinam )


1.   85 kg  3×3 RESERVE FIGHT tournament

Tomáš Šenkýr  ( Slovakia )  vs  Yohan Marsan ( France )


Mirko Cingel ( Slovakia ) vs  Andrew Tate  ( USA )


Jiri Zak ( Czech Republic ) vs Rustam Guseinov  ( Russia )

4.  57 kg 3×3

Lucia Krajčovič  ( Slovakia ) vs Denise Kielholtz  ( NL )

5.  95 kg  3×3  

Ondrej Hutnik  ( Czech Republic ) vs  Eduardo Mendes  ( Cape Verde )

6.   -80kg  3×3

Vladimir Moracvic ( Slovakia )vs Miles Simson ( Surinam )

7.  85 kg 3×3


Mirko Cingel ( Slovakia )  vs  Jiri Zak ( Czech Republic )


Report for Enfusion live, Zilna, Slovakia 25th April 2014

By Peter Lowe “The man in the know”

Reserve bout

Crowd favourite Thomas Senkyr (Slovakia) won the -85kg four man tournament reserve bout by unanimous decision over Yohan Marsan (France) in our first live fight of the evening.

The two men looked tense and perhaps a little nervous at the start but Senkyr took the opener with his forward movement and aggression, winging in fast bursts of hooks and body kicks when in range. A two fisted attack early in the second round put Marsan in a defensive frame of mind and on to the back foot. With Senkyr cutting off the ring and manoeuvring Marsan into the corners where he could unload fast volleys of punches the Slovakian took both the second and third rounds to see his hand raised at the final bell.

Semi Final 1

In what could easily have been the final, Mirko Cingel (Slovakia) won semi final number one with a unanimous decision win over pre tournament favourite Andrew Tate (USA).

Tate had success early in the first round and seemed to buckle the knees of Cingel with a right hand forcing the Slovakian to grab hold and buy time for his head to clear. Tate took the round, for me at least, with his fast accurate work as he pecked away with hands and feet. Cingel fought his way back into the contest in the second round and despite absorbing some solid punches took the session with some fast and hard punch kick combinations that got the crowd on their feet. The local man upped the work rate in the final round throwing a range of high kicks, hard punch combinations and knees in the clinch. Showing a good chin, Mirko soaked up some heavy right hands from the American and although much of what he threw was blocked or parried the impression was that the home hero had outworked the unorthodox visitor.

Semi final 2

Jiri Zak (Czech Republic) won semi final number two by unanimous decision against Russia’s Rustem Guesinov.

The well conditioned Guesinov took the first round with his high work rate. Setting up his attacks with the jab then unleashing hard bursts of punches with both hands. Zak, in contrast, kept a tight defence whilst low kicking and using the ring. The 2nd round was much more even as Jiri showed his class with some eye catching kicks, and Rustem pumped out the hard combo’s. By the third round the Czech man had found his rhythm and began to dominate, trapping Guesinov in the corner and landing some of his own punch combinations along with a spinning back kick late in the session. Zak carried that momentum into the deciding fourth round. Displaying his full array of techniques and bullying the tough Russian along the ropes to the final bell.


Mirko Cingel (Slovakia) wins the -85kg four man tournament and Enfusion World title with a unanimous decision win over Jiri Zak (Czech Republic).

Despite a strong start from Zak it was Cingel who took the first round. One particular right hand followed by a knee, kick and punch combination really got the crowd behind him and caught the judges eyes. The Slovakian fought smartly to take the second session, unloading hard combos before getting back behind his tight guard to block the majority of the incoming traffic. With the fight slipping away Zak tried to respond in the third, by constantly pressing forward and did have some success, but the exciting Cingel refused to give ground and continually threw a full range of techniques back at his adversary to keep him off and have his hand raised in victory at the finish.

Dutch superstar Denise Kielholtz won via unanimous decision over Slovakia’s Lucia Krajcovic.

Kielholtz looked in fine form catching her taller opponent with some crisp left hooks and employing her trademark hip throws when the two fell into the clinch in the opener. Denise out boxed and out thought the Slovakian lady in the 2nd round, as she stayed on the outside and moved side to side before scoring with crisp punch combinations. Krajcovic upped her pace in the third in an effort to get back into the contest, and she did have some success with long straight punches and knees, to remain competitive. It would not be enough however and it was Kielholtz’s hand that was raised after the final bell.

Ondrej Hutnik (Czech Republic) picked up the Enfusion fighter of the night cheque with a 2nd round TKO win against Eduardo Mendes of Cape Verdi.

Controlling the pace and counter punching and kicking when appropriate, Hutnik was able to nullify Mendes’ attacks and land his own to clearly win the first round. Barely 20 seconds into round two, Ondrej landed a perfectly timed left hook that had Mendes on the floor and in all sorts of trouble. Remarkably, Eduardo made it back to his feet and was allowed to continue. Another left hand convinced the Cape Verdi mans corner to throw in the towel and save Mendes from any further punishment.

The end came at 1.14 of the 2nd round.

Vladimir Moravcik (Czech Republic) won via unanimous decision against Surinam’s Miles Simson.

Simson started well pushing forward and throwing purposeful punch low kick combinations while Moravcik seemed to want to clinch, spoil and throw when in close proximity. Vladimir’s impressive clinch work continued in the second round as he landed a series of knees to the body and a spinning heel kick to the liver. Sensing that he had made a dent in his man Moravcik poured it on, landing with knees punches and kicks to head, body and legs. Bravely Simson tried to mount a comeback and came out firing in the final session. But several more knees to the body seemed to drain what strength was left in the Surinamese fighter. Simson continued to throw back until the final bell but was soundly out fought and out worked.