#16 The Hague, The Netherlands 5.04.2014

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Date(s) - 05/04/2014
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#16 Enfusion Live The Hague, The Netherlands 5.04.2014


Enfusion live report for the Hague, Holland, 5th of April 2013

By Peter Lowe “The man in the know”


Teenage sensation Mohammed Jaraya has claimed the – 67kg Enfusion World title in stunning fashion by stopping Mohamed Galaoui (France) after 1.40 of the second round.

The young Moroccan pressed forward from the start, winging in some wild hooks and having success with low kicks from both sides. Although Galaoui had been able to evade some of the punches the sheer speed and ferocity of Jaraya’s attacks put the Frenchman on the back foot. A peach of an uppercut found its way through Galaoui’s guard and dropped him on the canvas for an 8 count. Moving in for the finish, Jaraya slipped a spinning back fist and countered with a sharp right hook that put Galaoui on the deck for the second eight count of the round. The bell chimed and the “Baby face” would have to wait for at least one more minute to become a champion. Jaraya continued the assault in the second round dismissing anything that came his way, including a decent looking knee to the body, until a well timed front kick rattled the Frenchman’s rib cage causing him to drop to the canvas in apparent agony. Galaoui’s corner threw in the towel as their man was counted out at the 1.40 of the second round. The Enfusion fighter of the night and new -67kg Enfusion World champion, Mohamed Jaraya now improves his record to 12 fights 11 wins (8 KO’s) and 1 loss. An exciting ride is predicted for this young starlet.


Morocco’s Mohamed Boubkari won by KO in the fourth round, in this rematch, against Senegal’s Sam Tevette.

The two met in the semi finals of the 2013 Enfusion Reality show in Koh Samui Thailand, where Boubkari won by Ko in an extra 4th session. Credit to both men for both going back to the well to pull out another awe inspiring performance as all in attendance were treated to a give and take battle of attrition.  Showing respect for “Big Mo’s power Tevette kept his hands tight and looked to go up the middle with uppercuts and knees as Mo chopped away at the legs and body with powerful kick and punch combinations. A string of hooks from the 198cm Tevette seemed to make an impact, toward the end of the first round, causing Mo to drop his hands and shake his head as if unhurt. The back and forth action continued in the second. Mo working the low kicks and Sam landing two knee’s to the head that would have taken out many other fighters. But still the Moroccan finished the round pumping out more solid combinations with hands and feet. The low kicks started to take effect in the third round, as Tevette winced after being spun around by another solid leg kick, but Sam found a further volley of hooks that once more had Boubkari playing the kidology game as he backed up. Both men looked tired as they gasped for air but swung away at each other until the bell. The Judges could not split them and called for a fourth session. The two abused each other for another minute until finally the Senegalese giant crumpled to the canvas from yet another devastating low kick and was counted out. The end came at 1.25 of the fourth round.


Morocco’s Hicham El Gaoui, the current -80kg Enfusion world champion came in at the higher 85kg weight limit and showed that he has brought the power with him by sopping Ukrainian Andrii Panov in the second round.

El Gaoui gives very little away as he gradually ups the pace as the round progresses. Countering with a tight guard and slipping in and out of range for the first half of the round the Moroccan took a good look at his man before he started feinting and  leading off with his own solid attacks. Hicham started cautiously again in the second and responded to Panovs flurry’s with clever counters. Sensing a dip in work rate El Gaoui stepped with a tremendous knee that found the Ukrainians chin and dumped him on the canvas to be counted out. The end came at 1.08 of the second round. El Gaoui improves to 39 wins (18 KO’s) 3 losses and 1 draw.


Another talented Moroccan in Ismael Benali won via unanimous point’s decision against Kenya’s Kevin Miruka.

Benali made a patient start to the bout, smoothly moving in and out of range and peppering the Kenyan with bursts of punches and high kicks before calmly slipping out to safe distance. To be fair to Miruka he did block a large amount of shots but one or two would get through and the sheer speeds of the attacks were enough to impress the judges. This really was the story of the fight. By round three, with his corner imploring him to “Do something”, Miruka seemed out of ideas as the Moroccan pot shotted with front kicks, knees and single punches until the final bell.

Benali improves to 35 wins (12 KO’s) 2 losses and 2 draws.


Holland’s Marieke Post won every round to earn a unanimous point’s decision win over Indonesia’s Kristy Ooms.

Post took control of the action early on throwing burst of punches and kicks both high and low forcing Ooms to cover up and think defensively. The Indonesian tried to push forward in the second session but was soon put back in place with some decent combinations as the Dutch lady continued to dominate. Having scored highly with more effective flurries, Marieke, seemed to take a breather for a large portion of the third round but still finished the round strongly. Pumping out combinations until the final bell.

Post improves to 18 wins (3 KO’s) 4 losses and 1 draw.


Paolo Renna (France) won via unanimous point’s decision against Reda Narain (Surinam).

Renna found his range and rhythm early on in the contest by catching Narain with crisp low kicks and stiff straight punches whenever the Surinamese fighter stepped into range. Narain didn’t seem particularly troubled by any of the blows but was consistently beaten to the mark by the French visitor throughout the first and second rounds. Renna did well to avoid some desperate attacks from the still dangerous Narain in the final stanza as he slipped a couple of head kicks and responded with some cute combinations of his own. Narain showed willing until the end and was able to throw Renna across the ring in the dying moments to show his strength but he never quite worked the French mans style out.

Renna improves to 17 wins (5 KO’s) 2 losses and 1 draw.