#15 Dublin, Ireland 22.03.2014

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Date(s) - 22/03/2014
All Day



#15 Enfusion Live Dublin, Ireland 22.03.2014


IIias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs Paul Norton (Ireland) -67KG

Alexandros Chatzichronoglou (Greece) Vs Mark Cassidy (Ireland) -80KG

Iman Barlow (England) Vs Lorena Klijn (The Netherlands) -54KG

Gary Ormond (Ireland) Vs James Gridley (England) -75KG

Vasileios Karagiannidis (Greece) Vs Tomasz Bukowski (Poland) -90KG

 Hicham El Gaoui (Morocco) Vs Aidan Brooks (Ireland) -80 KG

Ireland Hosts Enfusion Live, number 14

Enfusion Live fight show is brought to you by Mr Edwin Van Os.

After celebrating Enfusion Live’s first birthday anniversary this month, it is visible to see how successful and fast-growing the concept of delivering a fight show to viewers to more than fifty countries live at the time of streaming, is rapidly growing.

The fighters have been selected to rep…resent their own countries and will be flown to Ireland from across the world to show their talents on this big stage.

All fighters will be fighting to earn to have their arm raised but also the chance of winning The Enfusion fighter of the night cheque.

The last fight of the night shows male or female athletes battling it out to win the prestigious Title of Enfusion World Champion, or a defence of the belt.

The show consist of five top match ups from male fighters, and one match up between top female fighters, in various weight categories under the Enfusion rules.

This is a huge opportunity for Ireland to show case their talents in the fighting world. The venue is to be announced very soon for 22nd March 2014.
A bonus for the spectators attending the venue will have the chance to watch the amazing under card of Fighting Rookies which is another TV label of the Enfusion Production Company, exposing the up and coming talent within this sport.

To find out more about Enfusion Live, Fighting Rookies and Enfusion Reality please view the web page enfusion-tv.com and stay up to date with news and announcements enfusion-tv via facebook and you tube.


Enfusion Live Report for 22nd March 2014 – Live from Dublin, Ireland

By Peter Lowe “The man in the know”



Morocco’s Hicham El Gaoui is the new 80kg Max Enfusion World champion after he stopped Irelands Aidan Brooks in the second round.

El Gaoui made a patient start and allowed the thickset heavily muscled Brooks to initiate the action in the first round. After scoring with a decent knee to the head he cautiously circled the ring behind a high guard whilst Brooks stalked forward throwing low kicks and punch combinations. The Irish hope continued working the heavy hands in the second round and virtually dominated the first minute. Sensing a slight slowing in the pace the Moroccan unloaded with a combination of kicks and punches to body and head that forced Brooks to turn his back and receive a count from the referee. With a true predatory instinct El Gaoui drove Aidan back with some long knees to the body that saw him slump onto the bottom rope and receive another count. A follow up Hicham body assault would see the referee step into once more this time waving the bout off and saving the Irishman from further punishment. The end came at 2.13 of the second round. The new champion improves to 38 wins 3 losses 1 draw (17 KO’s).


Vasilieos Karagiannidis (Greece) won via unanimous decision against Poland’s Tomasz Bukowski.

Little separated the two men in the first round as they traded blows in the centre of the ring, making for an entertaining opening session, as both went for it with kicks and punch combinations. “Gre-Cop” started to take control in the second round with his cleaner more intelligent work showing a variety of kicks and had particular success with the inside low kick from the southpaw stance. The third round was a largely one sided affair. Vasilieos continued to target the left leg of Bukowski and was able to pick him off at will with counters as the brave Pole pushed forward, continually throwing and missing with “hail Mary” over hand rights.



James Gridley (England) won by TKO in the first round against Irelands Gary Ormond. The Irishman started fast, bullying Gridley around the ring and rushing in with kicks and punches as he tried hard to not allow James the space to work. With a cut around the hair line and his corner man Kieran Keddle calling for him to use his hands, Gridley uncorked a superbly timed straight right hand that put Ormond flat on his back. After somehow making it to his feet and staggering back to the ropes Ormond failed closer inspection from the referee and doctor as the fight was waved off at the 2 minute 51 mark of the first round.


England’s Iman Barlow won a hugely entertaining, unanimous point’s decision win over Holland’s Lorena Klijn.

If there is an award for Enfusion ring entrance of the year Lorena is without doubt leading that race at the moment. With her corner men holding the ropes apart, Klijn ran along the ring walk platform and dived between them, forward rolling to her feet in centre ring in the process. Once the bell rang it was the English, “Pretty Killer” that provided the eye catching techniques, buckling the legs of the Dutch “Lady Pit-bull” with a kick to the head, in the very first exchange. Klijn showed good powers of recovery and will to win as she blazed back throwing furious punch combinations that

were, for the most part, blocked or parried. Barlow found more success in round two, stinging her opponent with a knee to the body and a kick to the head and then easily evading a theatrical, cartwheel kick return. She closed the round out with combinations of kicks to the body that the Dutch lady struggled to deal with. By round three it looked like Barlow had fully tamed Lorena, dropping her twice with kicks and knees she showed the kind of form that has made her the 54kg Ladies Enfusion boss. Lorena hung in there until the final bell and deserves credit for a brave display but it was ultimately the classy work of the English Champ that impressed all in attendance and saw her hand raised in victory.


Alexandros Chatzichronoglou (Greece) won a unanimous point’s verdict against Mark Casserly (Ireland).

Casserly set the tone of the fight in the first round as he circled the ring throwing out kicks to body and head whenever Alexandros stepped into range. Much of what the talented Irishman threw however was blocked, parried or simply avoided and it was Casserly who would return to the corner with a bloody nose. The Greek fighter continued his march forward in the second round, keeping Mark with his back to the ropes and landing some of his own punch combinations in the process.

Maybe sensing that he needed a big finish, Casserly showed off his full repertoire of kicks, flicking out all kinds of eye catching techniques both high and low and even landing with a sickening side kick to Chatzichronoglou’s midsection. It was not enough however as all three judges awarded the fight to the Greek visitor at the final bell.


Ilias Bulaid of Morocco scored an eye catching, stoppage win and walked away with the Enfusion live fighter of the night cheque after he defeated Ireland’s Paul Norton

Bulaid initiated the violence from start to finish. Holding his ground, the young Moroccan is happy to stand and trade and seemingly prepared to take one in order to give one. Norton tried to meet fire with fire and hold his ground but with his nose bloodied and barely a minute completed, a couple of crippling hooks to the body drove him to the canvas. The Irishman beat the count and bravely fought on but Bulaid continued his assault and dropped Norton twice more, this time with vicious knee strikes. The referee stopped the bout at the 2 minute 50 mark of the first round.