#13 Eindhoven, The Netherlands 25.01.2014

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Date(s) - 25/01/2014
All Day



#13 Enfusion Live Eindhoven, The Netherlands 25.01.2014


  1. Fikri Ameziane ( Morocco ) vs Brian Douwes ( The Netherlands ) open weight
  2. Iman Barlow ( England ) vs Adi Rotem ( Israel ) 54 kg
  3. Hamza Ahnine ( Morocco ) vs Pietje Heesbeen ( NL ) 63 kg
  4. Dennis Stolzenbach ( NL ) vs Fred Sikking ( NL ) 95 kg
  5. Ismael Lazaar ( Morocco ) vs Sergio Pique ( Surinam ) open weight
  6. Robbie Hageman ( NL ) vs David Calvo ( Spain ) 70 kg
    Enfusion world title -70kg


Enfusion Live Report  – Eindhoven, Holland  25th January 2014

By – Peter Lowe “The man in the know”, MC of Enfusion


In the main event of the evening, Holland’s Robbie Hageman dethroned Spain’s David Calvo to become the new 70kg Enfusion world champion.

The first round was a quiet one with both fighters showing each other plenty of respect. Hagemon nicked the round with well timed sweeps, cleaner work and better distance control.

Things heated up in the 2nd round as Calvo started to find his range and began to land with knees, kicks and punches to body and head, especially at distance, forcing the Dutch native to get close and work from the clinch even more.

Hagemon had to show some championship grit in the third session after being badly shaken by a hard punch combination that had him in terrible trouble. With his equilibrium clearly disrupted, Robbie did well to make it through the round and not receive a count, despite being bullied and pushed around the ring.

The fourth was a much closer affair with both throwing and landing some eye catching techniques. A teep kick to the face and knee to the head from Calvo probably being the highlight.

With his legs back under him and the crowd now roaring him home, Hagemon was able to dominate in the final session with punch combinations and kicks from start to finish. The Spaniard might well kick himself for not working harder in the last session and may well have felt that he had done enough already to remain the champion. On this occasion however the judges disagreed.


Ismael Lazaar (Morocco) became the Enfusion Fighter of the night with a stunning knockout over Surinam’s Sergio Pique.

Lazaar put Pique on the back foot from the get go as he lumbered forward throwing wicked looking hooks and body kicks as he tried to pin his man on the ropes and in the corners. Sergio landed a sickening body kick and a nice looking knee towards the end of the 1st but was unable to make the short squat Lazaar take a backward step.

Ismael was forced to take a few more hard counters in round two as he continued, somewhat obviously, to try and land the big overhand right. Then, with Pique half off balance, a right to the side of the head from Lazaar had the Surinamese fighter reeling across the ring. A follow up jumping knee just missed and Pique was able to see out the round.

More exciting exchanges followed until another big right hand, barely a minute into the third round, left Pique visibly shaken. The rotund Moroccan then patiently manouvered his man into the neutral corner and unloaded two more huge right  hands to the head that dumped Pique on the canvas to be counted out.


A disappointing end to a fight that was warming up nicely saw Holland’s Dennis Stolzenbach win via TKO against fellow countryman Fred Sikking.

Sikking came out throwing some dangerous looking high kicks, all of wich were blocked, and continued to throw kicks and knees through out the round. In contrast Stolzenbach looked, almost exclusively, to bring his heavy handed punch attacks in to play. A straight left hand, from the orthodox stance, in the dying seconds of the round made Stolzenbach’s knees buckle and touch down for an eight count. The bell ended the round saving Stolzenbach from a follow up attack. An inspection from the ringside doctor deemed Sikking in no position to continue having sustained a nasty gash along his right shin.

Hamza Ahnine (Morocco) needed just 2 minutes and 58 seconds to dismantle tough Dutch battler Pietje Heesbeen.

Both fighters started fast but Ahnine was the first to draw blood with a left right punch combination followed by three frightening knees to the head that left Heesbeen’s face a mask of blood. With a large cut over the right eye and a nose dripping blood Pietje passed the first doctors inspection and was allowed back into the fray. The Moroccan was able to smother the desperate rushing attacks of the wounded Dutchman. Hamza then landed a knee to the head in a clinch that put Heesbeen face down on the canvas. Showing excellent recuperative powers the Dutchman beat the count but would not pass the next follow up inspection from the ringside doctor thus awarding a TKO win to Ahnine.


England’s Iman Barlow earned a clear point’s decision win over tough Israeli Adi Rotem.

The English starlet was made to work hard throughout the duration of the contest and appeared frustrated at times as Rotem tried to spoil up close by using hip throws and sweeps to good effect as she tried to drag the Brit into a physical maul. On the outside however Barlow’s technique takes some beating and in round two she was able to find the space to deliver some lovely knees and kicks to the body and also a couple of nice sweeping takedowns of her own.

Imans body work seemed to have taken effect by the third and with Rotem tiring she was able to work her adversary over with some solid punch and kick combo’s often punctuated with an eye catching knee to the body. The Israeli was able to employ yet another hip throw towards the rounds end but it did not prevent Barlow’s hand from being raised. The 54kg Enfusion Champ improves to 73 fights 66 wins 4 losses and 3 draws.


Brian Douwes (Holland) returned to winning ways with a KO win over Moroccan Fikri Ameziane.

Both traded punches and kicks early as the two big men met in the centre of the ring. Douwes seemed to stun Ameziane with a right cross to the head late in the first round but was unable to capitalise as his follow up attack got blocked and parried. A sharp left right punch combo to the head sent the gum shield flying out of the Dutch mans mouth at the rounds end.

Both came out swinging in the second until a short right hand to the jaw put Ameziane on the deck for an eight count. Brian cautiously stalked forward looking for the same shot and flicking out low kicks forcing Fikri to circle the ring with his back to the ropes.

Sensing that the fight was slipping away, the Moroccan fought back bravely in the third and was probably winning the round until Douwes, with his back to the ropes, threw another booming right hand that caught Ameziane as he came forward. Fikri slumped to the canvas and was promptly counted out. The end came at 2.55 of the final round.



The fighting Rookies – The beginning of a legend.


The crowd in attendance were treated to a superb contest between two fantastic little warriors as Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) won the WFCA 66.68 kg Title with a unanimous decision win over Holland’s Jackie Dings.

Antonie van Lierop (Holland) won via unanimous decision against fellow countryman Cenk Cankurtaranoglu


Carlos Karidi (Morocco) won via unanimous decision against Hamdi Abouzia (Morocco)


Redouan Daoudi (Morocco) won via unanimous decision over Qadrat Nasr (Afganistan)


Ismael Gumbs (Holland) won via unanimous decision over Patrick Dierichsweiler (Germany)


Paul Jansen (Holland) won via TKO after 2.20 of the second round against Robbie Baats (Holland)


Khalid El Bakouri (Morocco) won via KO after 1.15 of the third round against Salah-Eddine Yahiaoui (Morocco)


Daisy Breinburg (Holland) won via unanimous decision against Soraya Haurissa (Morocco)