#11 London, England 1.12.2013

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Date(s) - 01/12/2013
All Day


#11 Enfusion Live, London, England 1.12.2013

1) James Gridley( England ) vs Fahid Marroun ( Morocco ) -70 kg

2) Andrew Tate ( USA ) vs Laszlo Szabo ( Hungary ) -85 kg

3) Adam Shrek Hart ( England ) vs Chris Cooper ( Ireland ) Open weight

4) Iman Barlow ( England ) vs Marina Zueva ( Russia ) -54

5) Razvan Ghita ( Romania ) vs Gaetan Sautron ( France ) Open weight

6) Michael Wakeling ( England ) vs Ali Gunyar ( Turkey ) -75kg
Enfusion Live World Title Man

Enfusion Live, Indigo O2, London, England 1st December 2013

by Peter Lowe – Enfusion Live MC


Michael Wakeling is the new 75kg Max Enfusion World Champion after his fight with Turkey’s Ali Gunyar.

Looking in supreme condition and with the usual determined focus etched on his face Wakeling dominated the 1st round, pumping out punch combo’s and low kicks with little by way of reply from his veteran opponent.

Gunyar tried to push forward and make an impact in the second round and was met with a bombardment of kicks and a string of punches that bounced off the tough Turk’s skull. Wakeling may well have felt the extra weight of one of Gunyars punches as he was bulled back to the ropes but the Englishman was soon back on top as the bell came to end the round.

There was no let up for Ali in the 3rd as Wakeling came storming out of the corner and was able to force a standing eight count on Gunyar after delivering a string of unanswered punches barely 50 seconds in. Michael followed up and scored with some hard shots but Gunyar survived the onslaught and started to come forward himself. Then with Gunyar advancing Wakeling threw a spinning back fist that seemed to catch Ali on the jaw with the forearm. Gunyar collapsed to the canvas, put his hands to his face and refused to continue. So due to an accidental clash the bout was ended and went to the scorecards with all three agreeing that Wakeling had done enough to win. A somewhat controversial end to a highly exciting bout.


Gaetan Sautron (France) needed just 29 seconds to end the challenge of fellow reality contestant Razvhan Ghita (Romania). We had barely settled our eyes on the two fighters when Sautron landed a powerful punch combination, punctuated with a right hook to the head that dropped Ghita heavily on his back and out for the count.


England’s Iman Barlow maintained her sizzling form by out classing tough Russian Marina Zueva to earn a unanimous point’s decision win over three rounds.

Iman’s timing looked on point as she maintained her range and broke her opponent down with a solid consistent jab and body kicks with both legs.

With the warm up over a similar pattern emerged in the second session but with Barlow looking even sharper as she blocked parried and caught most of Zueva’s combinations.

The brave Russian lady did well to hang in there in the final round as Barlow showed her full arsenal of weapons. Knees, kicks jumping and scissor, punches and sweeps were all on display. The “pretty killer” picks up her 65th win out of 72 fights.


2013 Enfusion reality contestant Chris Cooper (Ireland) silenced the fans of crowd favourite Adam Hart (England) with a 2nd round TKO victory.

Hart started well, landing 5 or 6 hard, eye catching, left body kicks as both waited patiently for clear openings to land their power shots. Hart seemed shaken after taking a couple of right hands while trapped in a corner and was picked off again later in the round as he rushed forward. Cooper was able to push the popular Londoner back to the ropes again and unload a flurry of punches that almost had Adam out of the ring as he leaned backwards over the top rope. Suddenly Hart looked tired and hurt and, right at the end of the round, another flurry of punches forced the referee to jump in and issue a standing count. Cooper followed up with a vicious barrage of punches to start the second session and Jesse Saunders soon waved the bout over as Hart sank to the canvas.


Andrew Tate (USA) won a clear unanimous points decision against Hungary’s Laszlo Szabo.

Looking calm and relaxed Tate was the first to draw blood. The American landed a stunning right cross, as both attacked at the same time, that dumped Szabo onto the canvas to receive an eight count. As Andrew moved in for an early finish the Hungarian struck with a left hook that seemed to stiffen his adversary’s legs momentarily, keeping him in the bout.

Szabo’s tactics became clear in the second round as he waited for the trash talking star to lead off before trying to counter with his hard looking left hand and low kick. Andrew showed superior movement and better striking variety to take the round as he solved the Hungarian riddle.

Tate upped the pace in the final session. Peppering his challenger with kicks and punches to both head and body, Andrew began to dominate and even struck with a series of knees at the rounds end.


James Gridley (England) scored a KO victory against Fahid Marroun (Morocco) in an exciting bout.

Late replacement Gridley set the pace early on flicking out fast impressive kicks and punch combos that earned him the 1st round.

Marroun had more success in the 2nd and seemed to shake the Englishman up with punches but James rallied well and blazed back with punches and knees in response. Gridley landed a hard 1, 2 combination right at the start of the final stanza that buckled the legs of the Moroccan visitor. Gridley then followed up with a barrage of knees and punches and finally a nasty spinning heel kick to the body that dropped Marroun to his knees and left him unable to rise and beat the count.







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