The Ladies Edition

Enfusion Reality returns to Koh Samui with a special ladies edition this time. The top female fighters in the -54KG division will battle it out to become the next Enfusion Reality Champion.
Contenders of the amazing season are:
1) Fatima Pinto (Norway)
2) Johanna Rydberg (Sweden)
3) Ferial Ameerroedien (South Africa)
4) Meryem Uslu (Germany)
5) Sammy Lee Brown (Australia)
6) Samantha van Doorn (The Netherlands)
7) Soraya Haurisa (Indonesia)
8) Isis Verbeek (The Netherlands)
9) Marina Zueva (Russia)
10) Philipa Correia (Portugal)
11) Adi Rotem (Israel)
12) Maria Pantazi (Greece)
13) Iman Barlow (England)
14) Simone van Dommelen (The Netherlands)
15) Anissa Meksen (France)
16) Nevenka Mikulić (Croatia)
17) Ashley Nichols (Canada)
18) Lizzy Largilliere (France)

The Ladies Edition will have 5 male Team Captains from the Heavyweight division and the first contender is Enfusions Former World Champion Daniel Sam. Other Heavyweight Coaches will be Ashwin Balrak, Kirk Kruba, Lukas Krupadziorow and Brice Guidon.