Enfusion Reality, Season 5, Special Ladies Edition, Victory Of The Vixen Line Up

Enfusion Reality Season 5, Special ladies edition, Victory Of The Vixen is proud to announce the full line up of competitors and coaches, bringing you top fighters from around the World.
They will compete for the number one spot in their weight category on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

The road to becoming Enfusion Reality winner will not be easy, as the competitors have challenges ahead of them, which will contribute to their destiny.

No one can predict the future for the Vixens and the Heavyweight fighters, as they adapt to living, sleeping, training together on the grounds of the well established SuperPro Samui Camp with the grand finale taking part at the end of their stay in the new Chaweng Stadium, where the locals and the tourists can watch history unfold.
Stay tuned……

Competitors Ladies 54KG
1. Fatima Pinto Norway
2. Johanna Rydberg Sweden
3. Ferial Ameerroedien South Africa
4. Meryem Uslu Germany
5. Nevenka Mikulic Croatia
6. Samantha Van Doorn The Netherlands
7. Soraya Haurissa Indonesia
8. Isis Verbeek The Netherlands
9. Marina Zueva Russia
10. Filipa Correia Portugal
11. Adi Rotem Israel
12. Anissa Meksen France
13. Iman Barlow England
14. Ashley Nichols Canada
15. Lizzie Largilliere France
16. Sammy-Lee Brown Australia
17. Maria Pantazi Greece
18. Simone Van Dommelen The Netherlands
1. Daniel Sam England
2. Lukasz Krupadziorow Poland
3. Bruice Guidon France
4. Kirk Krouba Ivory Coast
5. Aschwin Balrak Surinam

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August 16th, 2014

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