Enfusion’s Search for the SuperPro

Enfusion’s Search for the SuperPro.
We proudly present our next instalment of Enfusion, the search for the Superpro at SuperPro Samui in Koh Samui, Thailand.
The show will be recorded from September 7th until September 17th, 2013.
We will produce an international show with athletes from all over the world in the Heavy Weight division. The female teamcaptains are at -61 kg.
All 16 episodes of Enfusion Reality will be recorded in Koh Samui.
The format is a combination of reality and a tournament.
The athletes will be divided in 4 teams to be coached by female team-captains.
We will have 16 competitors and 2 reserve fighters in order to be able to have 2 shows in Koh Samui.
After the first fight elimination round we will organize the quarter finals, the semi finals and the finals in Koh Samui.
The teamcaptains will fight as well at Koh Samui.
The team composition and the matchmaking will be determined by challenges.
These challenges will take place on several locations.
In Koh Samui we will be able to have great spots with enthusiastic owners that will cooperate to make it happen.
We’d like to promote our industry to the world and due to this concept we are able to connect the viewer with the athletes.
We are building a reality show that has a lot of interest worldwide.
Do not miss Enfusion Reality!


June 5th, 2013

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