2011 – Quest for Honor

The finals of Enfusion 95 kg will be held in praque on december 30.

Enfusion’s next installment, titled “Quest for Honor”, will focus on the 95 kilo max division. Once again Enfusion has set about the task of searching for the best up and coming top athletes from various countries. Talent from around the globe will demonstrate their skills to the world to show their level of skill and dedication to our sport!. These athletes will meet in the proving grounds of Superpro Samui training camp in Koh Samui Thailand, where they will be tested and eliminated until four end up in the finals of Enfusion’s Quest for Honor. Spectators and fans alike will be in for a real treat as the 95 kilo max division is rarely focused on. Therefore our selected athletes will be out to prove to the world the action, drama and excitement which comes in this competitive weight class. This show will be among the best you will ever see.

The show will be recorded in January 2011.

These are the selected coutries:

1. Armenia 2. turkey 3. Czech republic 4. Finland 5. Australia 6.Congo 7.Poland 8.Surinam
9. Holland 10. USA 11. Belgium 12.France 13.Lituania 14. Canada 15 Russia 16 Mexico
17. Indonesia 18. Korea