Shane Campbell

Name: Shane Campbell
Weight: 67kg
Height: 1.80 m
Country: Canadian
Wins: 44
Losses: 9
Draws: -
K.O’s: 11
Campbell could be a real force at this weight with his range and strong technical style.

Shane started fighting at the age of 16 and turned pro at the age of 18, we won 7 international titles including 2 World Titles. W.K.A. in 2007 and W.M.A. in 2009. His main goal is to become number 1 at his weight class. He has been regarded as the best 70kg kick boxer in North America (by The World Muay Thai Magazine, and Muaythaimes Magazine). Has Started training at Iron Tiger Muay Thai in Canada and continues to reside here. He is always proud to represent his country, gym, and trainer in his fights around the world.

How’s your experience with Enfusion in Thailand ?

My experiance with Enfusion has been nothing but exciting. From the spectacular weather, views, and new found friends to fighting and spectating some of the best fights of the year.
The filming for the show has been an intriguing new experiance. I love the camera and do not think I will get enough before I leave, hehe.
The group that I was teamed with instantly became a TEAM. We have had no problems and have done notihng but laugh an enjoy ourselves. The teams have really done nothing but decide who we trian with during designated times and who we fight. Everyone with in the show has become close and trained together with no problems. I feel I will be leaving with dozens of new friends from around the world.

I could have not asked for a more amazing way to start my 2010!

Thank You so much
Shane Campbell